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As a member in good standing we expect our members to proudly promote the fact they are members in our professional association! A proper link to our main site or our membership showcase site (http://www.

Why should you?
Firstly Showing your membership Logo offers you creditability with clients and suppliers.

What is a proper Location.
It will depend on site design but best is of course a matter of choice. Some would say on the About Us page others would say on the Index or Home page, or "index page" or other non links page accessible from your front index page.

We do not accept a link page ! As an Association we do insist The logo and link must stay in place to be a member in good standing. Membership offers you exposure on our member show case web site with links, to your site. Your listing will allow potential clients and couples to see your services in a light that you consider appropriate complete with full contact details, images and text that you choose to best represent you or your venue to its best features.  

So please use our membership logos and a direct link to our site(s).


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Our Members will professionally create and organize weddings of all.

Be assured that our professional members will exceed your expectation!

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