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The Association Provides or will Provide our Professionals the following benefits:

The Association is aware that our members have multiple affiliations with other organizations which provide standard benefits.  In order to enhance efficiency and productivity, the organization has selected the professional and practical benefits which provide the most assistance to its members (i.e., based upon the services they deliver and the nature of our charter).  In some instances (i.e., Professional Benefits), fees are attached to services to defray expenses and provide stipends.  Either directly, through consultation, and/or indirectly through networking with member experts, the organization provides assistance in developing/improving, evaluating, and/or reviewing the following (Professional Benefits):

Member Benefits

Products and Services (PR, & marketing);
Use of Association logo on web site.
Seminar, Workshop and Educational Course Curricula; -Benefits Pending
Calligraphy-enhanced Certificates for Framing;
Training Programs (initial, continuous and/or expansion efforts);Benefits will be available soon
Networking with member experts;
Credibility and respect as a member.
Regional Workshops;
Publication Quarterly Journal—Benefit Pending;
Our Exclusive Relationship with Industrial-Level Suppliers provides;
Directory listing inclusion on our online directory
Research and News Letter Publications.




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