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The Association extends it's invitation to professionals meeting the following criteria:

(a) All applicants must be licensed/certified (when and where applicable) professionals and in “good standing” with any applicable Government Certification Board(s);

(b) candidates must demonstrate and achieve distinction by possessing a minimum of five years overall professional experience in their discipline which includes an extended experience of three years overall full-time professional experience as a destination wedding professional;

(c) two professional references/recommendations; and three form clients references, if the candidate is unknown to The Association already.

(d) agree to abide by the ethics code of the Association

(e) further requirements as listed on the application and/or required by The Association

(f) all members must clearly show our Association Logo on their web site, complete with a link to our web site (not hidden on link pages)

(g) all members to adhere to professional business practices.

  Petitions and appeals for exemption or exception may be exercised—please contact us by email for consultation in regard to this.  Professionals interested in applying for the Fellowship Status should contact our offices for further guidance and requirements.


If you wish to join please,
Please register (top of page) on our members site, then go under user menu (on home page)
and submit your details under Submit Wedding Professional ,
and there you setup your members page.
We will review details and set up your pageto be viewed.


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